Terms and guidelines

Here you can find our terms and guidelines for donations/gifts, regular donor agreements and purchases in the web store.

The Deborah Borgen’s Foundation is a non-profit organization. The foundation contributes do developing knowledge and practice, service support and communication to those who works with children, youth and adults.

Our goal is to improve competence and the quality of services that influence the mental health of children, youth and adults.


Regular donors
Applies to regular donors using Vipps.

When using Vipps to sign, the withdrawal date is set to the same date as the signing date. Withdrawal date can be changed. Nothing other than the agreed amount will ever be deducted.

Regular donor using Vipps is available in the app or website, and is withdrawn from the desired bank card or account.

Gifts (Norwegian)
Payments can be made online, either as payment by bank and credit card or by Vipps. 

Online store
Payments can be made online, either as payments by bank and credit card or by Vipps. The sum is reserved upon payment. Do not close the window until the payment has been completed.

We can only deliver packages to addresses in Norway.

Termination of regular donation agreements

Send an e-mail to post@deborahborgensstiftelse.no or call us on: +47 90 28 49 49 weekdays between 9AM and 3PM. This applies to agreements on regular donation. The email should include the name, address, phone number and/or email address of the donor who wishes to end the donor agreement.

Agreements by Vipps fixed payments can also be terminated in the Vipps app.

In the case of other fixed donor agreements, where the donor has set up fixed debits, the donor must enter the online bank and delete any debit files after the agreement has been confirmed terminated, as the organization cannot do this after the debit files have been sent.

Right of withdrawal

Entering into fixed payments agreements
You have the opportunity to change your mind when entering into agreements with fixed payments. In other words, you can cancel your donor agreement with us at any time.

Although it is basically not possible to regret previous donations, Deborah Borgen’s Foundations allows the use of discretionary assessments in such situations, where the last donation can be partially or fully credited.

Buy in the online store
The usual right of withdrawal also applies to purchases in our online store. This means that you have 14 working days to cancel a purchase. Contact us at post@deborahborgensstiftelse.no or by phone on 90 28 49 49 weekdays between 09-15.

In the event of any errors or deficiencies in the product, the buyer is asked to contact us in the same way as above with a description of the error or deficiency. The buyer should contact the organization within two months in the event of a complaint.

As symbolic gifts are to be regarded as donations/gifts, it is not possible to complain or make use of the right of withdrawal.

Conflict resolution
In the event of any errors or deficiencies in products from the online store or use of the right of withdrawal, Deborah Borgen’s Foundation must meet claims within a reasonable time. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the Consumer Council can be contacted for mediation. The Consumer Council is available on tel: 23 400 500 or www.forbrukerradet.no.