Privacy policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you of what personal data we store, how it is processed and how long the data is stored.

We are committed to treating personal data in a secure and trustworthy way when you visit and use our websites.

All information about our donors, buyers and other interested parties is stored in our CRM database which is operated by ProFundo AS, an approved provider of such services.

Personal data we collect and process

We process the following categories of personal data:

Contact information: name, e-mail, mobile number, address, social security number (in case of tax exemption)

User activity: sites visited, payment history or electronic communications we send. As well as technical information about the devices you use.

Cookies: see our information about cookies

In the vast majority of cases, the personal information is collected directly from you.

We collect names from our donors and buyers. Phone number, address and e-mail address are voluntary. Social security numbers are stored when people want tax exemption for their donations.

When one become a donor, one agrees to the organization using personal data for communication with the individual with e.g. newsletters, invitations to events, sending out tax exemption, etc. When ending the donor relationship, your personal data is deactivated.

Handling social security numbers
Donors who want a tax exemption for their donations to the organization must state their social security number. A separate "your-side" solution has been established, which the donor handles. Social security numbers are stored and managed in a responsible manner in line with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority's guidelines.

You should not send sensitive information such as social security number in e-mail. If we receive an e-mail with sensitive information, we process it according to the content and delete the e-mail immediately.

Management of names and addresses in our database.
The Deborah Borgen’s Foundation does not release names and addresses from the database, apart from information to the tax authorities in connection with reporting for tax exemptions.

How we process personal data

Delivery of service
We process your personal data to be able to provide you with information and contact you in connection with your support for the Deborah Borgen’s Foundation, such as a letter of gratitude. The legal basis for processing personal data for this purpose is your consent. You can withdraw this consent at any time by letting us know that you do not wish to be contacted.

Analysis, development and improvement of services
We work continuously to develop and improve our services and the information we provide you. This work involves analyzing contact information and user activity. The legal basis for processing personal data for this purpose is our justified interest.

Your rights

End of relationship with Deborah Borgen’s Foundation
If you no longer wish to be in contact with Deborah Borgen’s Foundation, we will terminate your relationship by marking the relationship as terminated in our database. You can do this by sending us an e-mail or calling us:

Phone: +47 90 28 49 49



The right to access your personal data
You may ask for a copy of all your personal data we process. Contact us at to use your right to access your personal data.

The right to correct personal data
You have the right to require correction or supplement information that is incorrect or misleading.

The right to require deletion of personal data
You have the right to require your personal data deleted without undue delay. You can therefore ask us to delete your personal data at any time.

Limitation of processing personal data
In some situations, you may ask us to limit the processing of personal data. You do this by managing consents or reservations at our website.

Protesting against the processing of personal data
If we process information about you based on our tasks or on the basis of a conflict of interests, you have the right to protest to our processing of personal data.

Data portability
You have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Use the email address above to have your personal data disclosed.

You can complain about how we process personal data
We hope you will let us know if you think we are not complying with the rules in the Personal Data Act. Feel free to let us know through the contact or channel you already have established with us. You may also file a complaint regarding any matters in the processing of your personal data. You do this to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (