You make a difference

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Bruk skjemaet nedenfor for å bli fastgiver eller for å gi en enkeltgave.

Together, we can do something about the biggest social challenge of our time – mental disorders and ill health. 

No one can do everything alone, but by working together we can achieve a lot!

The foundation is a non-profit organization, and is based on support and donations from companies, organizations, institutions and voluntary donations from private individuals.

If you support the Deborah Borgen’s Foundation, you can be sure that the money will be used for the work of promoting good mental health in the population, prevention, and projects that lift individuals and have an important societal significance.

Other ways you can…

We at the Deborah Borgen's Foundation want to collaborate with research and fields of practice, to increase understanding of how we can promote good mental health. In kindergartens and schools, in the field of substance abuse and psychiatry, health and the care professions, child protection, health centers – generally with everyone who has direct or indirect responsibility for the mental health of children, young people and adults.

You can help us with this work by sharing information, coming up with ideas, inviting us to give lectures, give tips to journalists, writing about us in social media and much more.

In order to reach out with our work, we need your support.

World Mental Health Day is not enough – we need to take action every day!