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You can make a difference

Together, we can do something about greatest societal challenge of our time - mental disorders and ill health. No one can do everything alone, but by working together we can achieve a lot.

Deborah Borgen sees the world as a puzzle, where you and we are pieces needed to get a whole picture. 

Every single one of us are a part of influencing how this picture looks, and the foundation wants everyone to have the opportunity to live a good life and for the earth to be a good place to be.

You are an important piece, which together with us can make a huge difference!

The foundation is a non-profit organization, and is based on support and donations from companies, organizations, institutions and voluntary donations from private individuals.

If you support the Deborah Borgen’s Foundation, you can be sure that the money will be used for the work of promoting good mental health in the population, prevention, and projects that lift individuals and have an important societal significance.