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The dream of a foundation

Deborah Borgen står i blå kåpe med armene ut og blikket opp. Ser på logoen til Deborah Borgens Stiftelse.

With the Deborah Borgens Foundation, I can reach out to people all over the world.
– That was my dream!

For many years I have spoken out about my dream of a center or a foundation, where we can lift and spread DB-System® in society.

The fields of mental health and substance abuse are close to my heart, as well as children who grow up in insecurity and uncertainty. This was something I experienced growing up. My background with traumatic and violent experiences could easily have resulted in me becoming stuck in a victim role and as a victim in life.

From treating symptoms to treating the root of the cause

At 25, I got sick and hit the wall brutally. I was given an antidepressant drug, anti-nausea medication and appointments with a psychologist, but these only dulled the symptoms of an underlying pain. I felt that no one saw me, understood me, or could help me, and I fell deeper into the darkness.

In order to get out of the darkness, I read all the self-development books I could find. They promised a lot, but all I found was what others had made it through, but nothing about how I could do it myself.

A long self-study began. I had no choice. If I was to continue living, I had to take some action. I spent 24 years developing DB-System®, which could not only help me, but also others. The techniques and our innate resilience enabled me to fight my way back to life.

I used the techniques to go directly within myself to find causes, and I processed the underlying pain. I call it going from treating symptoms to treating causes. I was finally able to process traumatic incidents myself, and create lasting changes in my life.

The dream of a foundation was born

Being in the world with new eyes – present without anger, hatred and bitterness towards people who had hurt me, became a completely new daily life for me. Now I could help others, so that they too could use my techniques to help themselves.

It has been important to me to be able to influence in the fields of mental health and treatment, as well as upbringing and education. The Deborah Borgen’s Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to bring the system into society and out into the world. It is to be a center for knowledge and competence that makes a difference.

In short, the foundation will promote good mental health in the population and work with prevention, while giving people who are struggling the help they need. My heart rejoices over the fulfillment of this dream.

Many have asked me how I manage to persevere and move forward again and again. This dream is the answer – I live to help others so that they too have an opportunity to achieve a good life in the same way as I did.

I call it a miracle

Everyone has probably experienced working with something and thinking that we don’t quite know how to solve it or what we can do to find solutions to something important.

Nightfilm, one of the techniques in the DB-System®, helps me to create holistic solutions – not just for myself and what I want. It also helps me to ensure that things happen at the right time and in the right place. Therefore, during my journey towards my dream of the foundation, I had to believe that it would happen when the time was right, and have patience.

Suddenly one day I got a phone call from Germany. Dorothee, who works with us, was visiting her mother, Waltraud Tettweiler. She had intended to give money to a good cause, and when she heard about my dream, the money was given to open the Deborah Borgen’s Foundation. Waltraud is also passionate about work with children, youth and mental health, and she now knows that she is helping to lift this work.

It is when hearts meet, regardless of time and space, that miracles happen!

Deborah Borgen’s Foundation is a fact

On June 24th 2022, I created the foundation. A knowledge and competence center that will bring forth a new system that will promote good mental health in the population, society and the world.

To create change, we must do something. The foundation will do this by tackling the biggest societal challenge of our time, which is mental illness.

My dream has come true, and now the work begins!

I look forward to lift up each individual.

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