We offer customized lectures of varying length, with a topic you wish to highlight within mental health and pedagogy.

Deborah Borgen

Deborah Borgen

Areas of responsibility:
Helse og omsorg, rus- og psykiatrifeltet, barnevern, beredskap og nødetater, samt kriminalomsorgen

Cecilie Stenhaug

Cecilie Stenhaug

Areas of responsibility:
Upbringing and education

The lectures are based on philosophy and insights from DB-System®, which means a development- and trauma-aware approach. An important focus for us is how you, as a professional, can facilitate good meetings with people, through self-care and self-management.

Central to the lectures is the importance of being aware of and being able to handle one's own emotional reactions when dealing with people exposed to stress.

The lectures can provide new input, thoughts and reflections that contribute to development in practice and knowledge, when it comes to working to promote good mental health in people.

We are happy to speak at conferences, seminars, course days or on planning days. 

Please feel free to contact us!

Fees by agreement.

Some examples of lectures

Lectures - program subject psychology

We can come to educational institutions as guest lecturers.

Deborah and Cecilie have both been invited as guest lecturers on several occasions.

Here you can read about the lectures that Deborah gave to 120 students at Horten upper secondary school. (in Norwegian)

Mental strength – lecture for sports teams

Good psychological and mental health means that we are in a good place in our mind.

Mental health is all about how we handle thoughts and feelings in daily life filled with tasks at home, at school and at training.

Here you can read about the lecture Deborah had for the handball girls in Kolbotn IL. (In Norwegian)

Lecture on challenging behaviour
– for those who work with people

How do we know what is right, when no theory or methodology gives the right answer?

This is when it becomes important to use ourself; intuition, gut feeling, being alert and present. In other words, we must have an understanding of how we function, react in interaction with others, and how we, as professionals, help to influence the situation.

You will get a concrete technique for keeping calm and overview when dealing with people who are in a difficult situation.

A stress-free zone in daily life
– lecture for parents

Foreldrerollen består av mange og sammensatte oppgaver. 

In this lecture, you will receive concrete advice for daily interaction situations. You will also get a technique for being in a stress-free zone in daily life.

Know yourself
– the most important competence when interacting with people

Giving people the experience of being seen, heard and understood is the most important thing we can give others. Whether we work with children and youth, or with adults. In meeting with others, this can be difficult, because we will encounter conflicts within ourselves.

You will gain knowledge about how we function as human beings, and how you can use the knowledge to work with yourself as a professional.